06/24/20 | News

SMCiS Awarded Purchase Orders For Crown Castle Fiber LLC Project

It is with great pride that we announce that on May 7th of 2020, SMC Infrastructure Solutions was officially awarded purchase orders from Crown Castle Fiber LLC to construct both copper and fiber optic cabling infrastructure to serve multiple Hub locations and Small Cell Node sites throughout the Ward 5 sector of Northeast Washington, D.C.

SMCiS is excited to begin forging a working relationship with Crown Castle Fiber LLC as we share a mutual goal – to build communications infrastructure to advance connectivity in the ever-advancing technological world.

Charging Forward through the Global Pandemic

SMCiS is expected to start construction June 24th of 2020 despite the current global situation. SMCiS has implemented numerous safety precautions to keep employees safe while working in these unknown times. This project consists of several hundred thousand feet of aerial and underground cable placement to be constructed in small engineered segments that will encompass all the Ward 5 sector in the District of Columbia as a whole. Crown Castle Fiber LLC already holds many of the essential permits in place for this work along with a large portion of make-ready for aerial attachments and existing conduit pathways proofed.

Projects of this size often entail many change orders, and this project is no exception. SMCiS anticipates that there will be several changes in the scope of work, but following along with our mission, SMCiS is committed to providing the experience, capabilities, resources, and communication necessary to adapt to such changes in a way that will far surpass the needs and expectations of Crown Castle Fiber LLC.

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09/8/20 | News

Tribute to F. Ray Weems

It is with great sadness and the deepest of regret that we announce the passing of Southern Maryland Cable, Inc.’s founder, F. Ray Weems. He passed away on Monday, August 31, 2020. After many years in the Utility Industry, Ray along with his wife, Janet, made their dreams of opening their own business a reality […]

08/5/20 | News

Tropical Storm Isaias Cleanup Efforts

On August 3, 2020, Tropical Storm Isaias hit the shores of Southern Maryland. In its wake, three tornadoes were confirmed to have touched down in two of the southern counties in Maryland, including Calvert County and St. Mary’s County. As a result of the tornadoes and the storm itself, flooding and downed trees have wreaked […]

06/26/20 | News

Guernsey Power Station, Byesville OH, Awarded Contract Through Gemma Power Systems

On March 31st of 2020, SMCiS was awarded a contract from our sister company, Gemma Power Systems, to provide the security system including access control and security cameras at the Guernsey Power Station in Byesville, Ohio. This project will be our first time working with Gemma Power Systems, who was acquired by Argan, Inc. in […]

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