Small Cell/DAS

The demand for mobile devices, bandwidth, and secure data transport is escalating rapidly, and it is critical to design cabling infrastructure that will not only support the data throughput but also support the POE so that optimal performance occurs. It is crucial in this day in age to keep up with those ever-rising demands, so let SMCiS help you attain your goals.

A Secure Way to Stay Connected

Our wireless solutions provide law enforcement, public safety agencies, and building patrons with a highly secure way to stay connected with the vital information they need at the time of an emergency.

Understanding the Complexities of In-Building Wireless

In-building wireless solutions have evolved over the years. Building owners have realized the importance of in-building wireless connectivity. But in-building wireless can be complex and you need to take into account many considerations from selection to implementation.

SMCiS installs ZINWAVE DAS solutions help to usher in this new era of connectivity. Its high-performance, cost-effective, secure and scalable in-building wireless coverage adds essential value in diverse places, including high rises, stadiums, hospitals and hospitality venues.

Public Safety

Section 915 of the 2009 International Building Code mandates needs assessment, testing, installation, and annual recertification of need/installation of public safety/emergency responder radio amplification systems in certain types of commercial and government buildings. The following are a few of the important requirements of this standard.

  • All new buildings should have approved radio coverage for emergency responders within the building.
  • Radio signal strength requirements must be met in 95% of all areas of each floor of the building, with particular emphasis on “means of egress” (stairwells, emergency exists, etc).
  • All existing buildings should have radio coverage throughout the building and are required to retrofit the building with radio coverage if the existing wired system is not able to be repaired or is being replaced.
  • Aside from these guidelines, specific codes are set by various Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) and are set by state, county, and city government agencies.
  • SMCiS, in conjunction with our ZINWAVE DAS partner, can provide a full turn-key assessment and proposal for your public safety DAS needs. For further information, please be sure to contact us today for an assessment of your requirements.

Our services turn seemingly daunting deliverables into secure and stable technology solutions to ensure that from start to finish, your expectations are exceeded. Our capabilities include:

DAS Solutions

  • End-to-end DAS capabilities
  • Site surveys
  • RF analysis report
  • Design recommendations

DAS Design and Installation

  • CAD design
  • Heat mapping
  • iBwave RF propagation 3D modeling
  • Fiber, cable, antenna, RL, DTF, and full system sweep testing
  • Commissioning, optimization, and closeout

SMCiS is eager to help you expand your network by providing you with the most up to date Small Cell/DAS solutions for your needs.

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