SMCiS serves the utility industry in a way that cannot be matched in the National Capital region. SMCiS has a long history of working alongside utility companies to better serve the surrounding communities. From emergency response to initial infrastructure installation, SMCiS has been seen within the community serving the utility sector day in and day out.

Featured Utilities Projects

  • Southern Maryland Electric Cooperative (SMECO) – SMCiS performs directional drilling/boring, installation of conduit & duct systems, trenching, plowing and backbone excavation for underground electric lines, transformer installation and maintenance, installation of fiber, copper, and coax cables, cable splicing, terminations and testing, cabling for security, alarms, video and CCTV, and removal/replacement of underground plant.
  • DC Water Authority – Scope of Work: SMC provides emergency response for service outages, fiber cuts and overall maintenance of the communications infrastructure for the DC Water Authority.

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