06/26/20 | News

Guernsey Power Station, Byesville OH, Awarded Contract Through Gemma Power Systems

On March 31st of 2020, SMCiS was awarded a contract from our sister company, Gemma Power Systems, to provide the security system including access control and security cameras at the Guernsey Power Station in Byesville, Ohio. This project will be our first time working with Gemma Power Systems, who was acquired by Argan, Inc. in 2006, just three years after SMC Infrastructure Solutions.

SMCiS is providing the infrastructure and services for an Information Security Management System [ISMS]. This entails modular, networked security alarm and access control system capable of alarm monitoring, video imaging, photo identification, digital video servers and CCTV switcher control. When complete this will allow for easy expansion or modifications of inputs, outputs, and remote-control stations.

Guernsey Power Station is located in the heart of Ohio’s shale gas development area. The plant has direct access to an abundant, stable supply of clean-burning natural gas from the Utica and Marcellus shale plays. The plant also has direct access to existing overhead electrical transmission lines. The Guernsey power station will comprise three single-shaft combined-cycle generating units housed in three separate turbine buildings. Each unit will have a generating capacity of more than 600MW. Each power train of the facility will consist of a GE 7HA.02 gas turbine paired with an outdoor Heat Recovery Steam Generator [HRSG], and a triple pressure reheat steam turbine. The combustion turbine will be equipped with evaporative inlet cooling as well as low-NOx (DLN) combustors, Selective Catalytic Reduction [SCR] system, and oxidation catalyst for emissions control.

Benefits to Communities

Over its lifetime, the Guernsey Power Station will contribute substantial dollars in local taxes to the local community and the Rolling Hills Local School District. The Village of Byesville will supply the plant with water and receive wastewater from the plant for treatment. We anticipate partnering with local vendors to meet specific facility needs such as natural gas supply, routine services, and construction, maintenance and safety equipment. Plant construction will take approximately 30 months; thus, this project will generate more than 500 construction jobs during peak construction phases. Once the plant is online, it will employ approximately 25 long-term professional workers.

Guernsey Power Station Brings Clean Energy to Ohio

To view more information about the Guernsey Power Station, please follow the link below.


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