Leadership Team

President — Dennis Madden

SMC Infrastructure Solutions’ President, Dennis Madden, has been with us since 2011. Originally from Baltimore, Maryland, Dennis came to SMCiS from Argan Inc., which is a holding company that purchased SMCiS in 2003. Dennis is a very experienced decision-maker and strong financial leader. Through his experience making acquisitions and investments, Dennis has brought invaluable knowledge to SMCiS that has allowed us to grow exponentially. He delivers results by applying disciplines developed in Big-Four public accounting firms and Fortune 500 companies into entrepreneurial mid-market companies, which has truly helped establish SMCiS as a leader in telecommunications infrastructure services.

Vice President, Structured Cabling Systems — Wendy Garner

SMC Infrastructure Solutions’ Vice President and Structured Cabling Systems Director, Wendy Garner, has been with us since 1999. Wendy has a very diverse, yet vital job at SMCiS. Wendy is an Executive Officer and part of the Executive Team, thus she is responsible for not only establishing goals, policies, and procedures, but also making sure they’re carried out appropriately and ensuring that the business operates in accordance to the rules. As an Executive Officer, Wendy plays an important role in the organization’s financial and budgeting activities. Wendy is the Facility Security Officer (FSO) who supervises, manages and directs security measures. Wendy’s work flow approach is to improve flow from the outside-in, measure what matters to the customer, make the end-to-end (flow) visible, identify and remove any barriers, connect and align value added work fragments, organize around the end to end flow and manage the flow visually. This enables projects to be on time and on budget. She is regularly involved in the negotiations and execution of all telecom related contracts, development of new business, and the expansion of existing contracts, as well as projecting job cost assessment and tracking related to each effort, while providing monthly project forecasts.

Director of Outside Plant Operations — John Dobson

SMC Infrastructure Solutions’ Outside Plant Director, John Dobson, has been with us for a total of 33 years. John has held many roles throughout his years at SMCiS. Beginning his career with us as a crew member then working his way up to crew manager, directional bore operator, and then to directional bore manager all before becoming the Outside Plant Director. John has experience in all facets of horizontal directional drilling (HDD), directional boring, landscaping, septic systems, and erosion and sediment control. Beyond that John holds many certifications, such as his CPR certification, OSHA Outreach Trainer 30 Hour Certification, and Confined Space Certifications to list just a few. Among his various day to day responsibilities, John also manages the workloads of the HDD and underground utility crews, as well as assisting the project managers coordinate their work. John has played an integral part in helping SMCiS grow and develop over the years.

Business Development Manager — Mark Stahl

SMC Infrastructure Solutions’ Business Development Manager, Mark Stahl, directs, plans, and organizes the installation, repair, and maintenance of telecommunication projects. He also estimates the cost of materials and labor according to established procedures. He coordinates work schedules with clients and crew to meet schedule deadlines and budget requirements for structured cable installations. Among all of that, he also travels to various trade shows to help with the growth of SMCiS. In doing so, he helps with installation support, quality assurance, cost control and project closing, while providing technical support in the installation of telecommunications infrastructures. Some highlights of Mark’s career over the years is managing projects and being a field supervisor on various jobs such as those for the U.S. House of Representatives, Navy Federal, and the National Institute of Health to name just a few.