A Solid History

SMCiS office complex

Prior to becoming what SMC Infrastructure Solutions is today, Southern Maryland Cable, Inc. began in 1982 as a small outside plant contractor to Bell Atlantic. Over time, the company quickly expanded its offerings to include the construction of power distribution systems and turn-key inside plant structured cabling solutions. In 2003, SMC was purchased by Argan, Inc. as a wholly owned subsidiary. Headquartered in Rockville, Maryland, Argan (NYSE: AGX) provides us with strong financial backing and financial reporting discipline that comes with being a publicly traded company. Since that time, Southern Maryland Cable, Inc. has steadily grown and was revamped in 2016, to become known as SMC Infrastructure Solutions to better represent our services.

SMCiS is headquartered in Tracy’s Landing, Maryland with a branch office in Charlotte Hall, Maryland. The headquarters is situated on over 6 acres comprised of multiple administrative buildings, storage and materials warehousing, and mechanical shops for maintenance and repair of company vehicles and equipment. SMCiS owns a fleet of vehicles and equipment so that we can get every job done in a timely manner. SMCiS also has a long record with numerous vendors to rent equipment if for any reason extra equipment is needed.

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